That's ProbLITmatic is a podcast that examines unhealthy relationships in literature.

We can all identify the obviously toxic relationships in classic and contemporary literature, but there are many literary couples that are presented uncritically to the reading public and in school curriculums. There are even times when unhealthy dynamics are held up as romantic ideals. That’s ProbLITmatic seeks to to assist readers in developing an understanding of how problematic and dysfunctional relationships have been normalized over the centuries in our literary canon and help them recognize toxic behaviors when they see them represented in fiction.

That's Problitmatic is hosted by lacy phillips.

"I'm Lacy Phillips, a writer and communications professional who has worked with over 40 non-profits helping them promote their brands and tell their stories. Over the course of the last two decades, I’ve worked with various local, national, and international organizations to promote gender equity in both a professional and personal capacity. As a content creator, I have over twenty years of print and digital graphic design experience, I’m an award-winning portrait photographer, and I have formal training in videography and audiovisual editing.

At the start of the pandemic, I dropped all of my client contracts so I could focus on coordinating my son's distance learning and work on finishing a novel that I’ve been writing for an embarrassingly long time.

I’ve had the itch to take on a podcast for years, but hadn’t landed on a concept that I was passionate enough about to sustain the level of effort it takes to bring a podcast into existence and make it successful. Just weeks away from the national election in 2020, that elusive concept finally clicked for me.

I can tell you, I’ve never been more ready to put all of my energy into a new project, and I'm so grateful and humbled by all of the support that the podcast has received so far!"

Become a guest

That's ProbLITmatic is currently in a development period with the Louisville Public Media Podcast Incubator and is seeking individuals with expertise in social sciences to join host Lacy Phillips in discussing problematic or toxic behaviors in your favorite classic and contemporary books. There's no need for guests of That's ProbLITmatic to read the book being discussed (unless you want to!) as the host will present the pertinent literary analysis and record guest reactions in real-time.

If you're a book-loving social science professional or pre-professional student in the Louisville area who would like to join Lacy to record an episode, contact Problitmatic@gmail.com !